Today every person is suffering from different types of mental and physical disorders due to changed life style. Physical disorders can be diagnosed easily and patient takes treatment accordingly as soon as possible, but there are no objective markers in case of mental diseases; so they cannot be diagnosed easily and if there are some symptoms, patient ignores them because he hesitates to consult a doctor about some psychiatric trouble and cause is feeling of inferiority complex. Nowadays most of the diseases are due to mental disturbances and my personal view is that it all due to motivating towards materialism in place of spiritualism.


Mental diseases are classified as different types in medical science and there is one type known as MOOD DISORDERS. In this class there are 2 types – (1) Depression (2) Mania.

There are so many patients of depression in the world and number is increasing rapidly, around 13 – 20% people of whole population are suffering from depression. Depression is mainly found in women, socially and economically poor people, divorcees etc. We will describe what is depression? , How it occurs? , What are symptoms and what is the treatment of depression?
Depression is a distressing condition, which leads to the feeling of inferiority complex, sadness, negative thinking, weakness etc. It affects the potential of a person. His behavior becomes negative for everything e.g. ignoring his cleanliness or dresses and sitting idle etc. If we look at patient’s face, we will notice his hanged lips or corners of mouth, wrinkles on his face and few streaks on his forehead,wide opened eyes without blinking eyelashes,stoop
shoulders etc. His body movements become lessened or totally absent.

(1) Genetic causes - Incidence of depression is 20% higher in children of those parents who are suffering from sever depression.
(2) Physical causes - Sever and chronic diseases, incurable diseases such as cancer or heart problem may be the cause of depression.
(3) Family atmosphere -Separation of parents, separation from parents or ignorance of child due to sever disease of parents.
(4) Predisposing or sudden causes – Failure in career, loss of money, disappointed love, adverse conditions etc.

(1) Dejection, sadness, irritation and negative thoughts.
(2) Feeling of worthlessness.
(3) Loss of weight or gain of weight (minimum 5% in a month).
(4) Insomnia or prolonged sleep.
(5) Loss of or absence of body movements.
(6) Tiredness.
(7) Absence of sexual desire.
(8) Absence of concentration.
(9) Inferiority complex.
(10) Suicidal thoughts.

Prognosis of depression:
11 – 17% of patients who are suffering from sever depression might do suicide.


(1) Antidepressant drugs.
(2) Tricyclic antidepressant drugs.
(3) Monoamine Inhibitors Oxidase (MAIOS).
(4) SSRIS, Lithium.
(5) Elactroconvulsive therapy (ECT).


Homoeopathy is the most suitable, rapid and cheapest treatment for mental diseases. Homoeopathy has the power of cure them permanently in shortest duration. In Homoeopathy there is no need to take so many medicines for many years like in other ways (pathies) of treatment but patient becomes cured in few months of treatment. This is my personal experience. Though this depends on severity and individuality of patient. There are some misconceptions about Homoeopathy and I want to clear them, they are- Homoeopathic medicine acts very slow and there are so many precautions to be taken during Homoeopathic treatment, this is not true. My personal experience states that Homoeopathic medicines are more effective, act rapidly and there is no need to take so many precautions during treatment. Homoeopathy favors it that the cause of every disease is actually the mental disturbances. Although physical diseases seems as if they are superficial but actual cause is some mental disorder. Now so- called modern medical science (allopathy) is also agreed with it. So a Homoeopath can be the best psychiatrist and Homoeopathy can be the best pathy for mental disorders. There is one important point in Homoeopathy, which must be noted by all readers that if one Homoeopath could not cure a patient, it does not mean that this is the lacuna of Homoeopathy and there is no cure for that patient in homoeopathy, but other Homoeopath can cure same patient. So I want to say that “A Homoeopath can fail but Homoeopathy never fails”.
One special feature of Homoeopathy is that, in this pathy patient is treated not the disease. So here patient is more important than disease, that’s why many incurable diseases can be treated easily by Homoeopathy. So in Homoeopathy treatment is not given to disease, but to the patient and for this Homoeopathic doctor must have full information and adequate knowledge about patient. That’s the reason why Homoeopathy is more effective in mental diseases.

We have discussed all about depression, now for Homoeopathic treatment of depression following medicines can be helpful (Consult your doctor first)
Arsenic Album. ; Aurum Met. ; Calcarea- carb. ; Causticum. ; Cimicifuga Racemosa ; Ferrum Met. ; Graphites. ; Hyoscyamus. ; Ignatia. ; Kali Phos. ; Lilium Tig. ; Natrum Mure. ; Opium. ; Platina. ; Pulsatilla. ; Sepia. ; Thuja. ; Zincum Met. Etc. There are many other medicines but their use depends on the cause of depression. So patient is more important, quantity and power of medicine also depend on the nature of patient. So diseased person must consult to a good doctor at right time. By regular intake of proper Homoeopathic medicine depression can be rapidly cured.

Other considerable points:Besides above facts patient must be moved towards art, music, dance, entertainment activities and other positive activities. Take care of patient’s diet along with proper exercises and yoga can also be helpful in treatment of depression.

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In today’s mundane prominent life, people follow an endless race. We have started getting their ill effects of so-called modernization. Modernization has given rise to a spurt of new industries and also the vehicles, which in turn polluting the atmosphere. The results are various diseases in human being, Asthma is one of them.

Asthma is related to respiratory system in which patient suffers from continuous cough and difficult breathing. This disease occurs due to inflammation in bronchi present in lungs.

Types and causes of asthma:

(1) Early onset or Atopic Asthma- In this type attacks of disease begins in childhood and this type of asthma is mainly found in Atopic individuals(Antibodies produced rapidly due to allergens in these people). In these atopic individuals allergens(Dust with bacteria, Feather, Dust from animal’s body, Fungus etc.) enter in patient’s lungs while respiration and cause antigen-antibody reaction in bronchi and produce constriction in bronchi. This causes coughing, phlegm- spitting and difficult respiration.

(2) Late onset or Non-Atopic Asthma- This is found in non –atopic individuals and mainly in later stage of life, that’s why it is known as Late-onset Asthma. As in this type of Asthma external allergens are not present, it is also called as intrinsic Asthma.

Exciting factors in attacks of Asthma:

(1) Allergens
(2) Exercise
(3) Environment
(4) Occupation
(5) Drugs
(6) Emotions


(1) Radiological Examination
(2) Pulmonary Function Test
(3) Arterial Blood Gas Analysis
(4) Skin Hypersensitivity Test

Homoeopathic Treatment of Asthma:

Generally it’s a common view in public that Asthma is an incurable disease, but this concept is wrong. Asthma can be permanently cured by Homoeopathic medicines and the root is that Homoeopathy treats the whole patient not only the disease. So Homoeopathy will treat the patient as a whole, whatever the disease is, it doesn’t matter that patient is suffering from Asthma or any other disease. It will treat the patient (according to his nature) and if patient is cured then the disease (may be Asthma) will be cured definitely. So in Homoeopathy, medicine is given to patient and not for the disease. It means if two brothers are twins and they are suffering from Asthma, yet medicines of Asthma will differ according to their nature. This concept is present only in Homoeopathy and not in other Pathies. As we see that in other Pathies the medicines will be same for a specific disease, which is present in patients with different natures. The conclusion is that we must not be prejudiced that Asthma or other diseases are curable or not curable because it can be concept of Allopathy but this concept must not be applied for Homoeopathy.

In Homoeopathy there is permanent cure of Asthma. If one Homoeopath fails to cure, it’s the fault of that Homoeopath and not of Homoeopathy. One must consult to other Homoeopathic physician, as we go to another Allopathic physician if we are not treated well by one Allopathic physician but never say that Allopathy is bad, just like that we must take Homoeopathy.

In case of Asthma Homoeopathy is efficacious in severe and emergency conditions also. Asthma can be treated permanently by taking continuous Homoeopathic medicine for some time. Though we have explained that there is no specific medicine for disease, yet following are the Homoeopathic medicines, which may be given in Asthma
Ammonium Carb. ; Antim-Tart. ; Argentum nitricum. ; Aspidosperma. ; Arsenic Album. ; Blatta. ; Carbo-veg. ;Cuprum Met. ;Hepar-Sulph. ; Ipecac.; Kali-Carb. ; Lachesis. ; Lobelia. ; Lycopodium. ; Phosphorus. ; Sambucus. ; Silicea. ; Spongia. ; Sulphur. etc.

Potency and doses of the medicine depends on the nature of disease and patient itself.

Patient must have some precautions along with medicine such as keep avoidance from Dust, Infections, Pollution, Eating style, Weather changes etc.

Asthma patients must take balanced diet and water in proper quantity, Sound sleep, protect him from effects of weather changes, and have some light exercise and Yoga. He must do those exercises which give strength to lungs and which increase the resistant power. Patients suffering from Asthma must take care of their children from childhood, because there is a great possibility of Asthma in them. There is a suggestion for all Asthma patients that keeping distance from nature can treat no disease. Always try to keep closeness to nature you will be cured earlier, otherwise sensitivity will increase and the disease will aggravate similarly.


As we know that there are some wrong concepts in public in case of Homoeopathy such as -

(1) Homoeopathy doesn’t work in an emergency
(2) Homoeopathic medicine act slowly
(3) There are so many prohibitions in Homoeopathy

These are all wrong concepts, Homoeopathy works in emergency however the patient is admitted in I.C.U. Homoeopathic medicine starts its action within 5-10 minutes and there is not any precautions for Homoeopathic medicines, precautions are only for the specific disease only which are in all pathies. Consult your doctor before taking any Homoeopathic medicine.

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Nowadays as much we are becoming conscious towards our physical appearance and our beauty, as the beauty related problems are increasing. As much beauty products are coming in market, they all are leading to increase new diseases; so people are becoming anxious about their beauty that what should be used and what not and they are being misguided. One of the most commonly spurting beauty problems these days is Hair Falling, which even teen-agers are facing very commonly. People don’t know about the causes and treatment of Hair Falling generally but they are following unscientific advices of many cosmetic companies, some people use various types of domestic measures but they are useless.


Causes of Hair Falling can be differentiated in two classes

(1) Hair Falling due to some external diseases of head such as
(a) Tinea capitis.
(b) DLE ( Discoid Lupus Erythematosis )

These two causes are the reasons of localized hair falling.
(c) Seborrhic dermatitis (Dandruff) – This cause equal Hair Falling of whole head.

(2) Hair Falling without any external disease of head such as –
(a) Alopecia Areata.
(b) Secondary Syphilis.

These two causes are the reasons of localized Hair Falling at some particular area of head.
(a) Tellogen Effluvium.
(b) Male and female pattern Hair loss.
(c) Hypothyroidism.
Above three factors are the reasons of total Hair loss on head.


As it is described in starting that a person suffering from Hair Falling wastes his time in domestic methods, up till then his disease becomes sever. He uses different types of oils, shampoos, creams, gels etc., which harms the Hairs in place of nourishing them. If someone is suffering from Hair Falling, he must consult to an expert doctor. Many a times patient does not need any medicine and he become well by some simple methods or taking some precautions.
Many a times Hair Falling may be due to seasonal changes or due to some exciting causes which become normal automatically.

If this problem persists after using many methods and doctors consultations, then Homoeopathy can be the treatment of choice for its efficacy in stopping Hair Falling, but remember that you should consult to an able and expert Homoeopathic doctor because nowadays so many companies are selling their products (Oil, Shampoo, Cream etc) on the name of Homoeopathy and Homoeopaths are giving these products to their patients for their personal benefits, but they all are almost useless. Poor patient feels himself deluded and doesn’t believe on other able Homoeopath, so patient should consider it that the medicine prescribed by Homoeopathic physician which is taken orally is the Remedy and other products such as Shampoo, Oil, Cream etc. are only for business, they are not so much effective.

As we always say that Homoeopathy treats the patient as a whole and not the disease, and if any Homoeopath prescribes according to the disease only and does not concentrate on patient as a whole person, I can assure you that he never succeed; It might be possible that some patient feel beneficial by chance. So conclusion is that if patient is not treated well it is not the fault of Homoeopathy but only and only of treating Homoeopath.

There are some Homoeopathic medicines that can be used in Hair Falling; Acid Floor. ; Aloe’s. ; Ammonium mur. ; Antim crude. ; Arsenicum album. ; Aurum met. ; Acid phos. ; Baryta carb.; Borax. ; Calc.carb. ; Cantharis. ; Carbo. Veg. ; Carbonium. sulph. ; China. ; Graphites. ; Helliborus. ; Hepar. Sulph. ; Hypericum. ; Kali.carb. ; Kali. Sulph. ; Lachesis. ; Lycopodium. ; Mancinella.; Mercurius. ; Mag. Carb. ; Mezerium. ; Natrum. Mur. ; Nitric. Acid. ; Petrolium. ; Phosphorus. ; Plumbum. Met. ; Sarsaparilla. ; Selinium. ; Sepia. ; Silicea. ; Staphisagria. ; Sulphur. ; Thuja. ; Vinca.minor. ; Weis beden etc.


If pores of head are closed after Hair Falling then the growth will not occur on that area, so if any physician or any other person is claiming for growth of Hairs on that place, it’s a lie, but further Hair Falling can be stopped. Combing the Hairs and using Shampoo must be avoided. Excessive oil and oily products must not be used in case of Dandruff and try to avoid vigorous oil massage. Patient must take nutritious food at proper time, proper sleep and take care of their health and do exercise.

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Nowadays cervical pain is a common problem in people. The reason is – Cervical spondylosis. Cervical means- related to neck and Spondylosis means- Ankylosis of vertebral joint (immobility and consolidation of a joint). This is a Degenerative change.

Cervical Spondylosis is mainly found in middle aged and elder stage of life. It may occur after some prolonged disease, injury or some operation in elderly stage. It may be associated with prolonged sitting such as computer work, writings etc. Cervical spondylosis may be asymptomatic also, but painful when it is associated with nerves. Mainly C 4/5, C 5/6, C 6/7 vertibral level and C5, C6, C7 nerve roots are affected by this disease. Patient complains of pain when compression of nerve roots occurs due to inter vertebral disc prolapsus. Pain may radiate in the distribution of nerve root. Some times pain is constant or it may increase at some specific position.

The main feature of Cervical Spondylosis is pain, which may radiate in the distribution of nerve root. Patient feels stiffness in neck along with pain. Neck movements may exacerbate the pain. Parasthesia and sensory loss may be found in the affected segment and there may be lower motor neuron signs including weakness, wasting and reflex impairement.

Plain X- RAY of neck can investigate cervical Spondylosis. If not diagnosed and symptoms become complicated then M.R.I. should have to be done.

In Allopathy pain relievers (analgesics) are prescribed for pain and cervical collar is suggested which resolute the symptoms. Surgery is required if disease becomes more serious.

Homoeopathic- there is a false concept in people that Homoeopathy gives slow relief and that is only for some time but can’t cure permanently. Cervical Spondylosis can be cured with the help of Homoeopathy. The query arises that how Homoeopathy can cure enlarged and combined bones because conventionally it is considered to be cured only by surgery? My personal view is that surgery is not as effective in this disease as Homoeopathy is. This is my clinical experience that the patient feels relief within 5-10 minutes after taking Homoeopathic medicine, it hardly matters that for how long the disease is prevalent. Pain subsides and stiffed neck starts moving within 5-10 minutes. This seems unbelievable but it’s absolutely true. If patient takes Homoeopathic medicine under guidance of some experienced doctor, he can be cured permanently.

Medicines are given according to the symptoms and nature of the patient, so must consult to a good Homoeopathic doctor, some medicines, which are prescribed mainly in this disease, are as follows -
Alumina. ; Ars.Alb. ; Bambusa. Ard. ; Belladona. ; Causticum. ; Cicuta. Virosa. ; Bryonia. Alb.; Gelsmium. ; Graphites. ; Lac. Can. ; Paris. Quadrifolia. ; Acid. Phos. ; Rhododendron. ; Rhus. Tox. ; Antim. Crude. etc.
Along with medicine patient should do exercises of neck and back under the guidance of physiotherapist and try to change the habits of sitting and working. Posture must be correct. It will help to get cured. Be conscious about your diet.

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High Blood Pressure is taken as a serious disease generally, which is actually the result of modern life style. Blood Pressure is not a disease itself; it is essential for our life. Every person has an optimum B.P.

Blood Pressure becomes high in some diseased condition. It goes above the optimum level and it is known as High Blood Pressure, but sometimes it becomes so high that it can be lethal to life. This increased Blood Pressure is not a disease itself but only the physical sign of some internal disturbance in body such as fever. In other words we can say that the High Blood Pressure is the result of compensatory mechanism, which makes proper flow or circulation of blood to those tissues and organs, where the circulation is disturbed, otherwise they can be dead.

High Blood Pressure is one of the harmful effects due to modern life style. Nowadays there is a great competition in every field and to make self-identity and secure it every person is doing struggle. Modern life style, long period of struggle, tension, lack of physical exercise, lack of tolerance, jealousy etc. are the so many reasons which causes different types of diseases. High Blood Pressure is one of those diseases. It is not true that B.P. was not found in past but now it can be diagnosed by Sphygmomanometer.

Pressure created by blood on the wall of blood vessel is known as Blood Pressure.
During ventricular systole (contraction) it (B.P.) becomes maximum and during ventricular diastole (dilatation) it becomes minimum. So maximum Blood Pressure of a vessel is systolic pressure and minimum Blood Pressure of a vessel is diastolic pressure. The difference between both pressures (maximum and minimum) is known as pulse pressure.

If systolic pressure goes higher than the optimum level according to the age and sex of a person, it is known as Hypertension. But remember it that sometimes systolic pressure can be increased due to some conditions but it is for a short period, which may not be Hypertension. In case of Hypertension, diastolic pressure also increases but not as much as systolic.


(1) Heredity.
(2) Age- after 40 years generally.
(3) Sex- males > females.
(4) Obesity.
(5) Alcohol intake and wrong eating habits.
(6) Hormonal.
(7) Mental causes.
(8) Physical diseases e.g. – diseases of kidney or heart.
(9) Drugs.
(10) Essential Hypertension.

Mostly patient remains asymptomatic, uptill complications are not produced. If Hypertension persists for a long time its complications appears. Symptoms of Hypertension are mainly related to its complications such as Angina, Left ventricular failure, Cerebrovescular disease etc. Prominent symptoms of Hypertension are- headache or heaviness in head, polyurea, irritation, impatience, change in behavior, indifference, sleeplessness, vertigo, tension, restlessness, anxiety, etc. Eyesight becomes weak with time, sometimes blood comes out from eyes or nose due to increased pressure and patient may become blind.

As we see that in case of Hypertension only few people move to Homoeopathy, the reason behind is lack of knowledge about Homoeopathy and having less faith in Homoeopathy. Another reason is lack of confidence in Homoeopaths themselves due to incomplete knowledge of Homoeopathy. Both conditions are miserable. So by having complete knowledge we can make this Pathy useful to Hypertensive patients and heart patients as well.

Commonly we see that if someone has increased Blood Pressure one or two times, medicines are started. But my suggestion is that try to find out the cause of increased Blood Pressure before starting any medicine. We must suggest the patient to change his eating habits, life style etc. and get his Blood Pressure checked routinely. If the Blood Pressure is consistently high then we must treat the patient. This is necessary because sometimes Blood Pressure becomes high due to some adverse conditions and if we start the medicine, the patient becomes habitual for that medicine and patient as well. So be cautious about this.

Here I want to tell you one important thing that there is no need to take Homoeopathic medicine for whole life, but by taking medicines for a short duration Hypertension can be cured completely. There are no side effects of Homoeopathic medicines as such. If patient is taking Allopathic medicines for a long period (15- 20years) and he wants to move for Homoeopathic treatment for his Hypertension, then Allopathic medicines must be tapered off instead of stopping suddenly, otherwise withdrawal symptoms of Allopathic medicine will come.

Some people have a thought that if Blood Pressure suddenly becomes very high then Homoeopathic medicines are not effective. This is absolutely wrong, there are so many medicines in Homoeopathy, which can control high Blood Pressure only within 15 – 20 minutes, and this is my practical experience. So Homoeopathy can treat any serious condition successfully.

The conclusion is that if patient suffering from Hypertension and is taking Homoeopathic medicines regularly, he can be cured permanently There is no need to take medicine for whole life and there is no side effect on his body. As I believe that in Homoeopathy we treat the patient not the disease or in other words for a Homoeopath patient is more important than the disease so as with Hypertension also. So during the treatment of a Hypertensive patient a Homoeopath must select the medicine according to the patient’s nature not on the basis of Hypertension, I do not say that Hypertension must not be under consideration but after patient’s nature.

After consulting a Homoeopathic physician following medicines can be used in Hypertension: -
Acetanilidum. ; Acetic. Acid. ; Adonis. Vernalis. ; Adrenaline. ; Amyl. Nitrite. ; Arjuna. ; Asparagus. Off. ; Bothrops. Lanciolatus. ; Bromium. ; Cactus. Grandiflorus. ;Carbo. Veg. ; Cimicifuga. ; Conium. ; Convallaria. Maj. ; Cretaegus. ; Digitalis. ; Glonoine. ; Kalmia. Lat. ; Lachesis. ; Lithium. Carb. ; Lycopus. Verginicus. ; Magnolia. Grad. ; Naja. ; Natrum. Mure. ; Physostigma. ; Rauwolfia. Serp. ; Latrodectus. M. ; Veratrum. Alb. ; etc.
Besides this, patient must take care of his eating habits, life style. Regular exercise, meditation and yoga may be helpful. They are all essential things along with medicines.So with the help of these methods we can cure the Hypertension.

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Due to change in our life style, bad eating habits in our routine life, so many diseases appear. There is no punctuality in our eating time, sleeping time, working time. Along with it there is lack of physical exercise with mental tensions and the result is many types of abdominal diseases such as Indigestion, Gastric problem, Acidity, Constipation etc. If these troubles go on for a long time, the person may suffer from Hemorrhoids.

Piles or Hemorrhoids is a sort of disease related to anal veins, in which there is varicosity of anal veins and if pressure increases on these anal veins due to any cause (such as constipation), the walls of veins become weakened, which affects the process of dilatation and contraction in the veins and veins remain dilated at last. Blood doesn’t flow further from these dilated veins and remains accumulated, so veins become swelled up. Further it, if walls of veins become much weakened and pressure is more, the veins may rupture and blood oozes out. This whole process is just like the appearance of varicose veins in legs of those persons, who stand for a long time, but in these cases blood doesn’t come out as the veins of legs have more strength.
Hemorrhoids word has originated from 2 Greek words Haima = Blood and Rhoos = Flowing and the Piles word is originated from a Latin word Pila = Ball like.


There are two types of piles mainly
(1) External- present at outer side of anus.
(2) Internal- present in inner side of anus.

Sometimes they are found combined and known as Intero - External Hemorrhoids.
Sometimes Piles may be a symptom of a disease such as- anal cancer, during pregnancy, chronic constipation, making great effort for urinating (in case of prostatic hypertrophy and urethral stricture).

(1) Hereditary causes.
(2) Morphological causes.
(3) Anatomical causes.
(4) Exciting causes.


(1) Pain- cutting and pricking pain with burning in anus during and after stool.
(2) Bleeding- bleeding after bursting out of Piles.
(3) Anal prolapsus- when disease becomes very severe.
(4) Secretion- sometimes sticky and bad smelling secretion comes out after prolapsus of Piles.
(5) Anemia- found in rare patients. If bleeding occurs for a long time and is not treated well then patient may become Anemic.


(1) Digital examination.
(2) Proctoscopy.
(3) Sigmoidoscopy.

(1) Excessive bleeding.
(2) Strangulation.
(3) Thrombosis.
(4) Ulceration.
(5) Gangrene.
(6) Fibrosis.
(7) Sepsis.
(8) Pylephlebitis.


Hemorrhoids or Piles is taken as surgically treated disease in Allopathy or in other words Piles is considered to be treatable only by operation. But Homoeopathy can treat Piles successfully and permanently.

Generally it is seen that patient gets nervous when blood comes out from Piles and pain occurs and in nervousness he gets it operated. But the problem appears again after sometime in most of the patients because surgery will not be effective until the cause of Piles persists. So patient must consider it that surgery can’t be the proper treatment for Piles, he will move towards Homoeopathy at last. If blood is coming out and pain is violent, then by taking Homoeopathic medicine bleeding will be stopped in 2-3 days and pain becomes subsided in 5-7 minutes. So this suffering should not bother patient. Consult to a Homoeopathic physician and disease will be cured definitely.

Here I want to add one important thing after Homoeopathic treatment, Piles move inside in number of patients, but in some cases Piles remain outside the anus, but in both conditions, the treatment is complete, because, the external Piles also will not create any type of problems after the treatment, this is my personal experience.

If after passing of the complaints by taking Homeopathic treatment, Piles persist outside, then this is not the matter to be worried about, as he will not be suffering again in future (If the treatment is taken from a good Homoeopath.).
As I believe that treatment is given to whole patient not for the disease in Homoeopathy, so I would like to say, every Homoeopath, that he should consider this peculiarity of Homoeopathy. Medicine should be given to the patient and not for the disease (nor for the Piles), because if we treat the patient according to his nature, the disease will be cured, what ever the disease is. It may be Piles, High Blood-Pressure, Arthritis or any other disease. This is the difference between Homoeopathy and the other systems of the medicines, that where other system of medicines are given for diseases Homoeopathic medicines are given to the patient and only one Homoeopathic medicine will cure the all complaints. That is why the Homoeopathic treatment is permanent. However, the following medicines are prescribed for Piles (Hemorrhoids): -
Aesculus. Hipp. ; Agaricus. ; Aloe’s. ; Ars. Alb. ; Carbo. Animalis. ; Carbo. Veg. ; Causticum. ; Collinsonia. ; Graphytes. ; Hamamalis. ; Kali. Ars. ; Kali. Carb. ; Kali. Sulph. ; Lachesis. ; Lycopodium. ; Muriatic. Acid. ; Nitric. Acid. ; Nux. Vom. ; Palonia. ; Phosphorus. ; Pulsatilla. ; Sepia. ; Sulphur. Etc.


We should consider some important things along with treatment. Those things should be avoided which cause Constipation, Acidity or Diarrhea because Piles (Hemorrhoids) may appear again and condition may be serious. Green vegetables, Fruit’s juices, Roughage, Water should be taken in much quantity; Oil, Ghee, Spicy things should be avoided. Morning walk (with naked feet on grass) is very useful in case of Piles or Hemorrhoids.

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Most of the people believe that Migraine is an incurable disease and there is no permanent cure of Migraine, whenever patient feels pain he has to take some analgesics or some sedative drugs for pain relieving for the whole life. But this a wrong concept because in Homoeopathy do have a permanent cure for Migraine. There is another misconception about Migraine that if someone is suffering from any kind of headache for a little long period this is also taken as Migraine, but all kinds of headaches are not necessarily Migraine. Headache may be of different types and Migraine is one of them. Migraine is characterized by some symptoms, which are different from other types of headaches.

Migraine can be of different types. Some important types are given below:
(1) Classical Migraine.
(2) Common Migraine.
(3) Hemiplegic Migraine.
(4) Basilar Migraine.
(5) Cluster Headaches (Migraine Neuralgia).
Though Migraine can occur in any stage of life but more common in young people. It may be hereditary also.


Migraine has some specific features – Episodic headache which occur in one side of the head (left or right), vomiting with headache, defects in the visual fields etc. Some patients may have headache in both sides of head, but the main feature of Migraine is episodic headache.

Attacks of Migraine occur at intervals, which vary from a few days to several months and last for hours to days. Premonitory symptoms occur in some patients in the form of zig- zag lines, flashing colored lights or defects in visual field and in others difficulty in speaking (dysphasia), hemiparesis (half sided paralysis), hemianaesthisias (numbness in half side) may develop in association with headache.

Headache is usually localized to the frontal region then it spreads to affect the whole of one side of the head and becomes generalized. The pain is severe and throbbing and may be associated with vomiting, nausea, photophobia, pallor, weakness, irritation etc. The pain may aggravate by some exciting causes such as sun heat, sparkled lights, some edibles (contraceptive pills), loss of sleep, tension etc.


According to some other systems of medicine Migraine is an incurable disease, which is cured with time automatically, but Homoeopathy has its permanent cure. Patient gets relief within some minutes after taking Homoeopathic medicine and permanently cured by taking regular treatment for some time and never occur again.

Treatment must be taken from a qualified and experienced Homoeopath. Do not take medicines on your own after reading books or articles. Those people who think that Homoeopathy practice can be done by reading books, they are in illusion. I want to tell them that Homoeopathy has almost 3000 medicines and every Homoeopath must know about those medicines because any of them can be the Remedy for patient (because Homoeopathy treats the patient, not the disease). So doctor will have to select the Remedy for a particular patient among the 3000 medicines and patient will be cured only and only by that particular medicine otherwise not. So it is not easy for a Homoeopath to select a Remedy for a patient. If a Homoeopathic physician wants to cure a patient entirely and permanently then he must know about the whole patient, then he will find particular nature of that patient and now whatever medicine has similar nature to the patient, that will be the accurate medicine of that patient and no other medicine can be.

So considering that for a Homoeopath patient is more important than the disease or Homoeopathy treats the patient not the disease, these following medicines in Homoeopathy can be useful in the treatment of Migraine: -
Aconite nap. ; Aranea diadema. ; Argentum nit. ; Ars alb. ; Belladona. ; Bromium. ; Calcarea carb. ; Capsicum. ; Causticum. ; Cedron. ; Cocculus. ; Colocynth. ; Conium. ; Cyclamen. ; Digitalis. ; Gelsmium. ; Glonoine. ; Ipecac. ; Iris v. ; Kali bich. ; Kali mur. ; Kali phos. ; Lac can. ; Meliolotus. ; Mercurius. ; Natr mur. ; Natr sulph. ; Nux vom. ; Olium anemale. ; Phosphorus. ; Pulsatilla. ; Rhus tox. ; Sepia. ; Silicea. ; Spigellia. ; Stannum. Etc.


Patient must be careful about these precautions along with medicines such as – Do take sleep properly, avoid heavy works (mental or physical), take excessive water, be stress free, do some yoga and pranayaam also, try to avoid the exciting causes.

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Epilepsy is not a disease itself but it is only a symptom of some cerebral disorder. Epilepsy means brief bouts of unconsciousness due to some cerebral dysfunction or abnormality (structural or functional) and impaired muscular activity for a short period due to disturbed waves flowing in cerebrum. Epileptic seizures occur again and again, and duration is different in different patients. During the seizures abnormal rhythm appear in cerebral waves, which causes different types of mental physical symptoms.


Epilepsy can be divided in 2 types
(1) Primary generalized seizures – This type of seizures appear simultaneously in whole cerebrum.
(a) Absence seizures – (1) Typical. (2) Atypical.
(b) Myoclonic seizures.
© Atonic seizures.
(d) Clonic seizures.
(e) Tonic seizures.
(f) Tonic- Clonic seizures.
(2) Partial seizures – These seizures are limited to some specific parts of cerebrum.
(a) Simple partial seizures (consciousness is not affected).
(b) Complex partial seizures (consciousness is affected).
(c) Partial seizures secondary generalized to Tonic- Clonic seizures.


(1) Heredity.
(2) Cerebral injury during birth.
(3) Hydrocephalus.
(4) Oxygen deprivation in cerebrum.
(5) Some particular drugs.
(6) Alcohol withdrawal by habitual drunkards.
(7) Metabolic causes such as – Hypocalcaemia, Hypoglycemia, Hyponatraemia, kidney or liver failure etc.
(8) Infections.
(9) Different types of inflammations – Sarcoidosis, Vasculitis etc.
(10) Brain tumor.
(11) Cerebral injury.
There are some factors which may trigger the seizures such as-
(1) Stopping the intake of medicines at time.
(2) Sleep deprivation.
(3) Alcohol.
(4) Drugs.
(5) Menstrual cycle.
(6) Tension and emotional stress.
(7) Nutritional deficiency.
(8) Moon phases.


(1) History of patient and his symptoms.
(2) E.E.G.
(3) C.T.scan.
(4) M.R.I.
(5) Diagnosis of that specific disease which causes the Epileptic seizures.


Some illiterate people take Epilepsy as a devil act. Many people with Epilepsy feel stigmatized by society. That’s why they search their treatment in quacks in place of consulting a doctor. The disease becomes increasing and sometimes life threatening, illiteracy is the cause behind this. So it’s a duty of doctor to get people known about Epilepsy and to make them aware of their myths, and for the treatment also. Then he must treat the patient properly, so that patient can be cured.

The nature of Epilepsy should be explained to the patient and his relatives. Relatives must be aware of the following guidelines:

(1) Move the patient away from danger (fires, water, machinery, etc.).
(2) Aware of if there is any obstruction in respiratory tract and try to make respiration regular.
(3) Don’t give anything in mouth of patient during seizure. It is often not possible to prevent tongue biting or clenched teeth once a seizure has started.
(4) If convulsions continue for more than 5 minutes or begin again before patient’s consciousness, summon medical help.
(5) After convulsions cease, turn patient in to semi- prone position.
(6) Patient becomes dull and suspicious for 30- 60 minutes after convulsion, so don’t leave him alone until he seems normal.
(7) Try to consult some physician immediately.


(1) Never go alone near danger (such as fire, water, high places, machinery etc.).
(2) Should not lock the door when you are alone.
(3) Swimming should be discouraged.
(4) Take your identity card and medicines with you when traveling alone. Write down about your disease, address of your home and of your doctor, name of medicine, which you are taking in your card.
(5) Take your medicines regularly at proper time.
(6) Try to take sound sleep, try to be free of stress and do some light exercises and yoga.
(7) Don’t feel inferior due to your disease as it is just like other diseases, which can be treated.
(8) Be aware of attractive advertisements published in newspapers or magazines.


Some patients become well without any treatment as time passed over. Epilepsy can be treated in other systems of medicine also but Homoeopathy has a quick approach and cures the Epilepsy comparatively in less time. Homoeopathic medicines are easy to take and by regular use under the guidance of a Homoeopathic physician, the disease can be cured permanently. According to my believe in Homoeopathy the nature of patient is more important than the disease to cure a patient Homoeopathically. So in this disease also patient is more important than the Epilepsy for a treating Homoeopathic physician, although disease must be considered but after the patient as a whole. So in Homoeopathy medicine of an Epileptic patient is selected on the basis of particular nature of the patient and Epilepsy will be cured.

Considering these facts that Homoeopathy treats the patient as a whole, disease will be definitely cured automatically if treatment is given according to Homoeopathic system, following Homoeopathic medicines can be used in the treatment of Epilepsy under the guidance of a good Homoeopathic physician: -
Argentum met. ; Argentum nit. ; Baryta mur. ; Belladona. ; Bufo rana. ; Calcarea ars. ; Cuprum met. ; Cicuta virosa. ; Causticum. ; Hyocyamus. ; Nux vom. ; Plumbum met. ; Silicea. ; Sulphur. ; Viscum alb. Etc.

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Diabetes is one of the important diseases, which can arise by irregular routine habits. Diabetes is world wide in distribution. Every country of whole world is fighting against Diabetes. Although every person knows about Diabetes, yet it is spreading rapidly. Patients of Diabetes are increasing every year.

There are more than 3 crore people are suffering from Diabetes in India itself. So we can guess how rapidly Diabetes is spreading The alarming factor is that it is affecting younger people also. So in coming years, when we are becoming more materialistic for the sake of modernization, disturbing our routine and moving towards fast food, what will be the result, we can imagine.

Energy is essential for our daily routine work and to get this energy our body cells need glucose. The food that we take is converted in to glucose and this moves to different body cells by blood circulation. Insulin, which is a pancreatic hormone, helps in glucose supply. Insulin is just like key, which opens the doors of cells to enter the glucose. Glucose can’t enter the cells if Insulin is insufficient and glucose remains in blood. This condition is known as Hyperglycemia (Diabetes).


(1) Primary
(a) Type- 1st: Insulin Dependant Diabetes Mellitus (I.D.D.M.).
(b) Type- 2nd: Non- Insulin Dependant Diabetes Mellitus (N.I.D.D.M.).

(2) Secondary to other pathology
(a) Pancreatic disease.
(b) Excessive secretion of Insulin Inhibitor Hormones.
(c) Some drugs such as- Steroids, Diuretics etc.
(d) Diseases of liver.


(1) Heredity.
(2) Irregular routine and eating habits.
(3) Some viruses which affects the Pancreas.
(4) Weak resistant power.
(5) Age factor.
(6) Pregnancy.

(1) Poly urination or frequent urination.
(2) Hungriness.
(3) Increased thirst- takes plenty of water.
(4) Tiredness.
(5) Lack of healing power in case of wounds.
(6) Vaginal infection.
(7) Sexual troubles.
(8) Loss of weight without any cause.
(9) Numbness and creeping sensation in extremities.
(10) Blurred vision.
If all above symptoms are present in one person, there he should get his blood investigated, because there is possibility of Diabetes in these conditions.


Blood Glucose Test and Urine test can diagnose diabetes. Both the tests can be done in laboratory at your home. There are so many types of Blood Glucose
Meters available in market nowadays. Blood Glucose Meters are useful for those patients who need daily investigation of blood sugar. There are some specific conditions in which patient has a need of routine checkup of blood sugar such as- during any serious disease, during tension, heart disease, liver disease, hypoglycemic attacks, pregnancy etc.


Treatment of Diabetes can be divided in to 3 parts
(1) Dietary habits or Diet.
(2) Diet and oral hypoglycemic drugs.
(3) Diet and Insulin.

Almost 50% people get control over Diabetes by dietary balance alone, 20- 30% patients need oral hypoglycemic drugs and 20- 30% patients need Insulin.

This is a big and first question of every Diabetic patient that what to take in diet and what not. So Diabetic patients must know about dietary factors. This is usually a common theory that Diabetic patients should take sugar free foods and avoiding sugar and sweet things can control Diabetes. But it is not perfectly true, actually it all depends on Calorie intake in diet and as we know that sugar and sweets have much Calories and they must be avoided, but it should not be happened that you start high Calorie diet after avoiding sweet things. You can take bread, chapatti, rice, potatoes which have carbohydrate. They are cheap and will control your desire of sugar or sweet things, when you feel hungry.

Try to keep the intake of food constant and take nutritious snacks such as fruits, salad etc. in between. Use milk without cream and vegetable oil, and change the way of cooking- do increase quantity of steamed, roasted and boiled food in your diet. Fat and farinaceous products such as ghee, butter, fried food etc. should be reduced in your diet. Pure carbohydrate like sugar, jaggery, honey, cake and chocolates should be avoided. Meat, cheese and other starchy food should be used the least.
(1) An obese and aged person requires approximately 1000- 1600 k. cal. every day.
(2) An aged who is not obese requires approximately 1400- 1800 k. cal. every day.
(3) A young and active person needs approximately 1800- 3000 k. cal. every day.

Diabetes is a serious disease, at the same time can be controlled easily. If not controlled within the time, can lead to grave disorders, eventually lethal for the patient. Thus as soon as a person is diagnosed for Diabetes, he should see a physician and should be under supervision.

Conventionally Diabetes is considered as incurable, but in Homoeopathy there are some reports that Diabetes can be cured. Instead of considering it as a claim its better to understand that if a Diabetic patient is treated by a Homoeopath on the principles of Homoeopathy, he can be cured by taking regular treatment. The blood glucose level can be controlled very soon, no matter how disturbed it is. More over after the regular treatment your blood glucose level may not rise in future miraculously. But again it should be remembered that in Homoeopathy a patient is treated, not the disease. Thus consider patient and not only the Diabetes, and then only the treatment can be successful. Now my personal opinion is that in Homoeopathy Diabetes can be controlled very soon as compared to the other systems of medicine, yet no Homoeopath should blind claim to cure Diabetes ignoring the principles of Homoeopathy, because if patient is not cured then he will blame Homoeopathy not that Homoeopath. So considering the aforesaid facts, following Homoeopathic medicines can be used in the treatment of Diabetes:
Bridelia ferruginea. ; Morinda lucida. ; Morinda morindoides. ; Nauclea Latifolia; Opium; Orthosiphon Staminius; Floriginum; Uranium Mur; Uranium Nitricum ; Vinca rosea ; Acitic acid ; Helonias ; Lycopodium ; Flouric Acid ; Phosphorus ; Plumbum Met ; Syzygium Jamb ; Terantula Hisp ; Terebinthina ; etc


Diabetic patient is benefited by regular exercise and one should consult his physician for it. Start your exercise slowly but it should be regular. Exercise daily at the same time.

Few important things are

1) Do not exercise empty stomach.
2) Do not exercise just after taking insulin.
3) Do not exercise if your blood sugar level is high and diabetes is not under control.

If diabetes is not controlled it is a serious disease and may be life threatening.

The complications of diabetes may vary from – Dim to complete loss of vision, kidney dysfunctions, recurrent infections, gangrene, sexual incompatibility, mental imbalances and heart diseases.

Hypoglycemia: A condition when the blood sugar level goes below the normal. A diabetic patient may encounter with it suddenly. Thus it should always be checked, otherwise can prove to be more dangerous than Hyperglycemia.

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Smt. Mithilesh Sharma from Jaipur came to Dr. Pandey’s Homoeopathy Center for the treatment of joint pains, spindling fingers, swelling of the wrist and knees, two years ago. She had been suffering from these complaints for almost 10-12 yrs. All physicians diagnosed it as Rheumatoid Arthritis, but every treatment was inefficient. The patient was completely cured after a regular treatment from Dr. Pandey’s Homoeopathy Center.

Smt. Kusum Agarwal from Jaipur was suffering from joint pains for last 15 yrs. Any type of movement such as sitting, standing, walking etc was too much painful or I can say it was almost impossible to her. After taking different treatments, when she came to Dr. Pandey’s Homoeopathy Center, she was suggested to get some investigations done in which Rheumatoid factor was shown positive and there were structural changes in X-Ray Reports. These investigations were showing that patient has Rheumatoid Arthritis. Treatment was given from Dr. Pandey’s Homoeopathy Center for 9-10 months regularly and she was permanently cured.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic inflammatory joint disease, which is the most common form of joint disease. In its typical form it is a symmetrical, destructive and deforming polyarthritis, which affects the small and large synovial joints, associating extra-articular features and presence of circulating antiglobulin- antibodies in blood (Rheumatoid Factor).

Although, rheumatoid arthritis is prevalent throughout the world, but a higher proportion of patients is in western and urban communities. Prevalence of disease is three times more in females or female to male ratio is 3:1.Generally this disease occurs between the age of 30-50 yrs. Sometimes, the symptoms may start before the age of 16 yrs, which is known as Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Although the cause of the disease is not known exactly, but there is increasing evidence that this is triggered by T-Lymphocytes activation in genetically predisposed individuals and by production of inflammatory cytokins. So hereditary factor is found in the disease.

American Rheumatism Association suggests following symptoms, which can be helpful in identifying a case of rheumatoid arthritis-
1) Stiffness in the joints in morning hours( for more than one hour)
2) Inflammation or arthritis of three or more joints.
3) Arthritis of upper extremities.
4) Symmetrical arthritis.
Above four symptoms must be present for at least six weeks to confirm Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Following investigations are associated with above features:
1) Rheumatoid nodules
2) Rheumatoid Factor
3) Radiological changes

The earlier stage is swelling and congestion of the synovial membrane and the underlying connective tissues, which becomes infiltrated with Lymphocytes( CD4 T-CELLS), Plasma cells and Macrophages. This causes effusion of synovial fluid into the joint spaces during active phase. After sometime hypertrophy of the synovial membrane occurs with the formation of lymphoid follicles. Muscles adjacent to the inflamed joints are also affected. Above changes may also affect the pleura, lungs, pericardium and sclera.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a Extra vascular Immune Complex Disease as well as cell mediated immunity disorder which causes inflammation in joints, granuloma formation and destruction of joints.

In majority of patients the onset is insidious which is not experiences initially. Then after sometime, joint pain, stiffness and symmetrical swelling of peripheral joints sets in, which increase with time. Initially, pain may be felt only on movement of joints but rest pain and especially early morning stiffness are characteristic features of Rheumatoid Arthritis.
As the disease progresses, involving the other organs of the body, the other symptoms like- fever, weight loss, profound fatigue, weakness occurs. Some other symptoms like- sweating in palms and soles, increased heartbeat may occur less often. With the progression of disease, nodules form on joints and other areas adjacent to joints. These changes give the fingers a “Spindled “ appearance.


Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic, complex and very painful disease. At the onset of Rheumatoid Arthritis patient takes firstly it as simple joint pain and starts domestic treatment and then analgesics for pain relief, but after sometime both types of treatment become ineffective and pain becomes intolerable, regular, and disease progresses. So as soon as the patient feels the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, he must consult to a doctor and consider it that Rheumatoid Arthritis can’t be treated in 1- 2 days, so he must have patience for complete treatment. As the disease progresses gradually, so the treatment does. So patient must know that treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis is slow and long, it’s not just a matter of few days. Most of the patients think that Rheumatoid Arthritis is an incurable disease but it is not true because by Homoeopathic treatment Rheumatoid Arthritis can be permanently cured. As in Homoeopathy we treat the patient as a whole, not the disease only, so in case of Rheumatoid Arthritis a Homoeopath must treat the patient as a whole, should not give medicine for the disease (Rheumatoid Arthritis), disease will be cured surely. Considering this fact following Homoeopathic medicines can be used in the treatment of Rheumatoid


Acetanilidum. ; Apis mell. ; Belladona. ; Bryonia alb. ; Calc carb. Calc phos. ; Calc fluor. ; Caulophyllum. ; Colchicum. ; Formica rufa. ; Formic acid. ; Manganum acet. ; Merc sol. ; Phytolacca. ; Rhododendron. ; Rhus tox. ; silicea. ; sulphur. etc.


If deformity (nodules, deviation of fingers) is developed in extremities in Rheumatoid Arthrits, then following Homoeopathic medicines can be useful –
Acid benz. ; Ars alb. ; Calc phos. ; Causticum. ; Cimicifuga racemosa. ; Colchicum. ; Guiacum. ; Iodium. ; Kali bich. ; Ledum pal. ; Pulsatilla. ; sulphur. etc.
Besides this, patient must take care of proper rest, exercises (Physiotherapy), Yoga, proper diet, weight etc. In India use of garlic and avoidance of curd and other sour things are considered useful in Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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25 years old Mahavir singh came to Dr. Pandey’s Homoeopathy Center with intolerable pain in his renal area of the back (loin). This pain was radiating round the flank to urethra. Besides this pain he had another problem of Dysuria (obstruction in flow of urine), Haematuria (blood in urine) and burning during urination. He had this problem2 years ago also, but both times Mahavir singh got it operated and felt relief. After 2 years he has got the same problem this time and physician again suggested him for operation but this time he refused it and finally he concluded to go towards Homoeopathy by someone’s suggestion to get permanent cure of recurring Renal Calculus. He brought his reports, pain was so sever that he found himself unable to speak. After looking his reports, it was found that he was suffering from Renal Calculus again. The size of Calculus was 9 mm. And type of Calculus was calcium oxalate type. After examining the patient, one medicine was given orally and the pain was subsided almost 50% within few minutes of medication. Then treatment was given continuously and investigations were done again, the Calculus was completely removed. Patient was advised to take medicines for some time and after that he was permanently cured because he never had complain of Renal Calculus again since 5 years after that Homoeopathic treatment given by Dr. Pandey’s Homoeopathy center.

15 years old Sita Devi had been suffering from pain in her loin for last 2 years, but pain was not continuous and sever also, so she was not much concerned of it. She came to know that she had a Renal Calculus when she went for Ultrasound study for some other trouble. Her physician suggested her to get it operated but she refused it because she was not suffering very much. But she started medicines for Renal Calculus but did not get any relief. Then she went to some Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic physicians but it was worthless. The she came to Dr. Pandey’s Homoeopathy center, when her case history was listened; she was asked to get it investigated. It was confirmed by examining her reports that she had Phosphate type of Calculus, which is not removed easily and we can say not passed easily. Then she had been given continuous Homoeopathic treatment for some period and again investigations were made, they reported her normal, the Calculus had been removed.

Renal Calculus is very common nowadays, but it is very much painful. The person who has been suffered by this disease, never wants to be suffered again as he has tolerated that sever pain. Renal Calculus forms in our body by deposition of some minerals and other particles. Calculus consists of aggregates of crystals and small amounts of proteins and glycoproteins. Different types of Calculi occur in different parts of the world and dietary factors probably play a part in determining the varying patterns. Calculi may be of different types such as- Calcium oxalate (most common), Calcium phosphate, Cystine stone, Uric acid stone etc.

In developing countries bladder stones or calculi are common particularly in children, whereas in developed countries the incidence of childhood bladder stone is low and renal stones in adults more common. A recent survey found that 4% of population has stones in the urinary tract, but prevalence varies in different areas.


There is not any particular cause to formation of stones but there are some conditions associated with stone formation, they are-
(1) Obstruction of urinary tract.
(2) Infection of urinary tract.
(3) Climate and diet.
(4) Heavy works causing excessive sweating.
(5) Excess of Calcium, Oxalates or Cystines in urine.
(6) Gout.
(7) Medullary Sponge Kidney.
The pH of urine influences the formation of stones, an alkaline urine tends to increased precipitation of calcium phosphate and may be responsible for calcium phosphate stones in patients with renal tubular acidosis; whereas solubility of uric acid and cystine is reduced in acidic urine which tends to formation of these types of stones. Today in prosperous countries most calculi occur in healthy young men in whom there is no clear cause investigated.


The symptoms may vary in different patients. These vary according to the size, shape and position of the Calculus. Renal Calculi may be present for years without giving rise to symptoms and may be discovered during radiological examination for other disorder. However, following symptoms are more common:
Pain in urinary tract, burning in urination, obstructed flow of urine, blood in the urine occurs sometimes. When a Calculus becomes impacted in the uereter, an attack of renal colic develops, which may occur suddenly. Soon the pain radiates round the flank to the groin and often in to the sexual organs. The pain steadily increases in intensity to reach a maximum in few minutes. Pain is so intensified that patient becomes restless and generally tries to obtain relief by changing position and by pacing the room. Patient may groan in agony, and then there may be sweating and sometimes vomiting also.

The symptoms found in patient such as intolerable pain, burning in urination etc. indicate towards the disease (Renal Calculus). Any patient suspected of having stones should have x- ray and sonography of urinary tract along with urine test. If there is doubt about the cause then I.V.P. during an attack may help.


Whenever patient feels any complaint related to urine or urinary tract, he should consult to good physician. The immediate treatment of Renal Colic is application of warmth to the site of pain. Renal Calculus can be cured in Allopathy also, but when condition comes to operation or calculi are forming repeatedly then Homoeopathy is useful. Nowadays many Allopths give prime importance to Homoeopathy. In Homoeopathy, calculi can be removed in short period without pain. So patients prefer Homoeopathy now for treatment of Renal Calculus. During the treatment of Renal Calculus a Homoeopath should give importance to the patient as a whole, not the disease, then he can cure a patient permanently. Considering this fact of Homoeopathy following Homoeopathic medicines can be helpful to treat the Renal Calculus –
Antim crude. ; Benzoic acid. ; Berberis vulg. ; Cactus. ; Calculus renalis. ; Calcarea carb. ; Cantharis. ; China. ; Coccus cacti. ; Lachesis. ; Litium carb. ; Lycopodium. ; Nitirc acid. ; Ocimum can. ; Pareira brava. ; Phosphorus. ; Sarsaparilla. ; Sepia. ; Sulphur. etc.
If calculi formation is occurring repeatedly, then medicine should be given to the patient not for the disease. Besides it, patient should take plenty of water and should avoid the diet containing calcium and phosphate. Patient should avoid those habits, which cause excessive sweating.

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Acne- Pimples look very simple disease, but they cause beautiful face to be ugly, then this condition makes patient puzzled.

Teenagers suffer mostly from Acne-Pimples and this is the age when someone becomes very much conscious about his appearance. So they take this disease seriously.

Pimples are found mostly on face but they may present over chest, shoulders and back also. Pimples affect both male and female similarly but in females the common age is 16- 17 years and in males it is 17- 19 years. In 90% of the patients Pimples become healed until the age of 23- 25 years, but in 5% cases in females and 1% cases in males need proper treatment.

Acne- Pimples is a skin disease, which may be due to many causes, but the main cause is excessive secretion from Sebaceous- glands. So increased sebum secretion and abnormal Keratinization at the opening of Sebaceous- glands cause obstruction in sebum secretion and its flow. Proprionobacterium acnes colonizes the Pilo- Sebaceous duct, breaks down Triglycerides in the sebum to Free- Fatty Acids and become the cause of inflammation and at last Acne forms. Excessive hormonal effects, excessive secretion of sebum and hereditary causes are another factors which stimulate the Acne formation. Sometimes cosmetics, local irritants, lack of hygiene, weather changes, improper diet, increased intake of oily edibles, some drugs etc. can be the causative factor of Acne.

Acne is limited to the face, shoulders, upper chest and back. Seborrhea or greasy skin always presents. Acne occurs in the form of papules, pustules, nodules and cyst with one or two types of lesions (Acne) predominating. Many times white thick liquid comes out by rupturing them. Some times itching and pain may occur in Acne. In Acne Rosacea there is surrounding area around the lesion, which is red in colour. There are other less common variants of Acne such as- Conglobate Acne, Acne Fulminans, Excoriated Acne, Infantile Acne, Exogenous Acne, Drug- Induced Acne etc.


As it has told before that Acne becomes healed itself till 23- 25 years of age. So fewer persons need the treatment, but as we know that this disease affects young people mainly and makes the beautiful face ugly, so no one can wait till 25 years of age to self-healing process.

Nowadays there is marketing everywhere in medical profession, so is for this disease. Beauty clinics are opening in streets; colonies, cities everywhere and people are being misguided. Costly lotions, creams and medicines are being sold in the name of beauty. Most of the people who are working in these beauty clinics do not know about the human body and if some persons know about this a bit, they have knowledge only of skin and nothing else. But you must know that skin is the part of our body and it doesn’t have problem externally, but it is affected by every function of our body, our habits as well as diet also affect our skin, it is proved by medical research. So do not take skin apart from the body, otherwise it will be really apart and they all people will be responsible who are selling their products on the name of beauty clinics, cosmetics and herbal by giving attractive advertisements for the treatment of Acne- Pimples. The person who is treating and the person who is treated both are unknown about the coming bad effects of these kinds of treatments. You must know that suppression of Acne can give rise to a serious disease from which both parts are unknown, so be aware of it and must consult to a specialist doctor only.

Acne can be treated by Homoeopathy in very short duration permanently without any bad effect over the body. So Homoeopathy can be the treatment of choice for Acne-Pimples. In Homoeopathy we treat the patient not the disease, so we must treat the patient of Acne also according to his nature for permanent cure. If we give medicine only for the Acne then we cannot cure him permanently, so we must take patient as a whole for every disease as well for Acne. This is the basic fact of Homoeopathy, which must be considered by every Homoeopathic physician for permanent cure of any disease otherwise failures are inevitable. One more thing must be clear in the sight of people that there are many Homoeopathic medicine manufacturing companies which are selling their cosmetic products and claiming them Homoeopathic but any external application in the form of lotion, cream or other packed products are not Homoeopathic. So do not be misguided by them it is not true Homoeopathy, by using them nobody can be cured but bad effects may be possible. By keeping all above-mentioned things in mind following Homoeopathic medicines under the guidance of Homoeopathic physician can be helpful in the treatment of Acne-Pimples: -
Antim crude. ; Ars alb. ; Aurum met. ; Calc carb. ; Calc phos. ; Calc silicata. ; Carbo animalis. ; Carbo veg. ; Carb sulph. ; Causticum. ; Crotalus hor. ; Fluoric acid. ; Graphites. ; Hepar sulph. ; Ignatia. ; Kali bich. ; Kali brom. ; Kali carb. ; Lachesis. ; Lycopodium. ; Merc sol. ; Natrum mur. ; Nitric acid. ; Nux vom. ; Phosphorus. ; Pulsatilla. ; Rhododendron. ; Rhus tox. ; Sarsaparilla. ; Sepia. ; Silicea. ; Sulphur. ; Syphilinum. ; Teucrium. ; Thuja. ; Tuberculinum. ; Zincum met. etc.
Besides this healthy diet, intake of plenty of water, exercises and yoga are also helpful in treating the Acne.

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There are many regular physical activities in our body, which are not considered normally, but if someone feels some abnormality or slight alteration in these activities, then he realizes the importance of these activities. As we do not notice it that we are eating, bathing, breathing and sleeping for rest etc. normally. Now, if someone has lack of appetite or constipation or due to some reason he couldn’t take bath, then it is realized how much important these activities are in human life. Like this, we do not notice it that we take sleep daily at night, so if anyone couldn’t take sleep for one day then he realizes the importance of sleep.

Sleep is one of the most important regular activities of human body. If somebody is suffering from Insomnia (sleeplessness), then he can suffer by many other physical and mental diseases. He feels his life inactive. He feels dejected always and becomes physically and mentally restless. He feels his life as a burden. So sleep is necessary for our entire development and for gain of energy.

The whole physiology of sleep can be divided in to two parts:
(1) Rapid Eye Movement (REM).
(2) Non- Rapid Eye Movement (Non- REM).
Non- REM sleep has 4 stages in which 2 stages we known as “Slow Wave” or deep sleep. First part of sleep or REM comes slowly after passing off the second part of sleep or Non- REM, normally after 90 minutes. Dreams occur during this period. So entire sleep of night is actually the cycle of Non- REM and REM sleep, in which REM part is longer. Insomnia is the inability to sleep or abnormal wakefulness. In this condition either sleep comes hardly or sleep is of least period and patient wakes up in short period.


Insomnia may be one of the symptoms of depression, anxiety, restlessness or any mental disorder. Insomnia is very common disease nowadays and the main cause is changing life style. Mostly those people suffer from insomnia, which are facing so many tensions. So when somebody has sleeplessness, he starts thinking about this disease always and becomes tensed and tries to take sleep but he gets failure and sleep goes faraway, because mind starts thinking more and more and has no rest. So, once Insomnia starts, after it efforts start to make it and lastly a circle made and the result is Insomnia.


Common symptoms of Insomnia are:
Less sleep or absence of sleep, to be stressful, distressful after sleep, falling asleep for short time during the working hours or taking nap, irritability, headache, body ache, restlessness, indifference in everything, anxiety etc. Gradually as time passes loss of appetite, increased blood pressure, depression etc. may develop.


Allopathic medicines, which are used for sleep, have many side effects (not always). So every patient must try to avoid these sleeping pills or strictly avoid them, but in both conditions there is harm to patient and disease becomes progressed. Homoeopathy can be very much helpful to these patients, because Homoeopathic medicines have no side effects at all; they are very effective and no need to take them life long.
To treat the patient of Insomnia, try to find the cause of sleeplessness. If doctor finds out the cause, then it is easy to treat the patient. The counseling made by doctor is very much important for these patients, by which it can be known that what is the mental condition of patient, what is his present condition etc. So if the cause is clear, then Insomnia becomes treated itself.
Doctor, the patient’s relatives and his friends must be friendly to him in case of mental distress or any other mental disease. This plays an important role in the treatment. If patient is suffering from Insomnia due to any physical disease, then this physical disease must be treated first. Following Homoeopathic medicines under the guidance of Homoeopathic physician can be helpful in treatment of Insomnia: -
Antim tart. ; Argentum nit. ; Ars alb. ; Bambusa arnd. ; Belladona. ; Cactus g. ; Calc carb. ; Chamomilla. ; China. ; Citrus vulgaris. ; Coffea. ; Cyclamen. ; Cypripedium. ; Pubescense. ; Hepar sulph. ; Hyocyamus. ; Kali ars. ; Kali carb. ; Kali phos. ; Lachesis. ; Merc cor. ; Merc sol. ; Nux vom. ; Opium. ; Passiflora inc. ; Phosphorus. ; Plumbum met. ; Pulsatilla. ; Rhus tox. ; Sepia. ; Silicea. ; Stannum met. ; Staphisagria. ; Sulphur. ; Syphilinum. ; Thuja etc.
Along with above medicines patient must change his life style, must read good books, must do exercises, yoga and must be conscious about diet.

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Paranasal sinuses are air spaces, which are located in skull bone in the both frontal sides.
Sinuses can be differentiated in 4 types according to their position in the skull bone, they are-
(1) Frontal sinus.
(2) Maxillary sinus.
(3) Ethmoidal sinus.
(4) Sphenoidal sinus.

In human body every structure, which seems minor and useless, have great importance. So sinuses are important in so many functions or physiology of body. They are:
(1) Air conditioning.
(2) Lessened the weight of skull bones.
(3) Increase the resonance of voice.
(4) Providing more space for teeth eruption.
(5) Development of facial skeleton after birth.


Inflammation of any of above sinuses is known as Sinusitis. It can be classified in 2 types-
(1) Acute Sinusitis – Inflammation just after infection.
(2) Chronic Sinusitis – Inflammation due to successive acute infections, which become permanent.
Sinusitis can be Suppurative or Non – Suppurative.


(1) Bacterial infection due to coryza.
(2) Dental sepsis.
(3) Traumatic – Fracture of sinus, infection spreading to sinus after injury in other parts.
(4) Swimming – Swimming in infectious water.
(5) Nasal obstruction – D.N.S. (Deviated Nasal Septum), nasal polyp etc.
(6) Lack of or absence of air transmission to sinuses.
(7) Pollution, frequent coryza by taking cold, lack of resistant power or lack of nutrients in diet may cause Sinusitis.
(8) Streptococcus, Pneumococcus, Staphylo- Coccus and H. Infuenzae etc.


Patient becomes suffered by continuous coryza and cold. Nose becomes obstructed. In earlier stage discharge is watery but later on it becomes thick yellowish like pus. Pain becomes starts in sinuses, which is affected. Pain increases by stooping forward, sneezing and coughing. Gradually heaviness and pain in head becomes constant. Taste of mouth becomes bitter. There is post nasal drooping continuously and sometimes epistaxis (nasal bleeding) or nasal secretion with some blood may be seemed. Smelling power of nose as well as taste of mouth become lost. Sometimes there may be offensive smell from nose and mouth. Lethargies in body, malaise, prostration, general depression and lack of concentration are present in case of Sinusitis. As time passes, patient becomes irritable.


(1) Anterior and Posterior Rhinoscopy.
(2) Trans- illumination test.
(3) X-Ray P.N.S.
(4) Nasal swab.
(5) Sinoscopy.


Sinusitis seems like common coryza, but if this disease has become long lasting, then it may be dangerous or we can say harmful to our body. So if patient develops the symptoms of Sinusitis, then it should not be taken superficially but he must consult to a physician.

If patient considers it seriously and consult to a good Homoeopathic physician, then Sinusitis will be cured and along with this patient will not suffer from side effects of medicines as happens with Allopathic treatment, so Homoeopathy is very much successful in case of Sinusitis. It is better to consult a good Homoeopathic physician in starting of disease than to go other systems of medicine again and again as Homoeopathy cures it permanently. As we know that in Homoeopathy patient is treated, not the disease so considering this fact and by consulting a good Homoeopathic physician following Homoeopathic medicines can be useful in the treatment of Sinusitis-
Calc carb, Calc sulph , Hepar sulph , Hydrastis, Kali bich, Kali sulph, Merc sol, Phosphorus, Pyrogenium, Silicea, Sticta, Sulphur, etc.

(1) Dust, smoke, alcohol and tobacco should be avoided.
(2) Regular intake of nutritious diet.
(3) Treatment must be taken if there is any problem in teeth.
(4) Be hygienic especially of nose and throat.
(5) Take regular sleep.
(6) Regular exercises and yoga are helpful in Sinusitis.

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NOTES (Tips For Patient)

(1) Homeopathy is not disease oriented but patient oriented i.e. focusing and treating the constitution of a patient, adhering to the lows of nature.
(2) When an individual goes against or is compelled to go against the norms of nature, the individual is gradually being pulled towards some ailment.
(3) Mental injury is more detrimental than a physical one.
(4) Polluted, weak, negative thoughts cause more harm to the human body than the contaminated food.
(5) Our body is self- controlled, mechanized, competent- a self-computer. Any undesirable (uneatable) food makes a reaction in the body taking the form of vomiting, diarrhea, burning or allergy.
(6) Please do not impose your thoughts on your body. Eat only when hungry, drink only when thirsty. Eating and drinking on whims and fancies will only degenerate your digestive system. Rigorous fasting will only develop ulcers. Do not suppress desires and develop rigidity.
(7) Any weird or abnormal behavior of a child should not be targeted at; instead observance and discussions with doctor is the need of the hour. No change takes place in our body that does not has its meaning. Any deviation from the accepted norms of the mental conditions either in the form of hyper or hypo such as anger, jealousy or sensitivity brings you closure to physical symptoms i.e. disease.
(8) Your emotions, thoughts and behavior aid in understanding your personality. Do not rate them as your weakness, you must tell them to your Homeopathic physician.
(9) Your Homeopathic physician should be enlightened on any of your sixth sense – an intuition, clairvoyance and hearing or seeing some noises and pictures when in isolation.
(10) Your dreams, any particular/ specific fear, low feelings in your mind, delusions, illusions etc. all these help your Homeopathic physician in selection of correct medicine for you. Share these symptoms with your Homeopathic physician.
(11) Do not panic or get scared of a disease. For Homeopathy, disease is not so important as much as the individual and his constitution. Do not hide your disease and discuss every symptom with your Homeopathic physician.
(12) Your previous ailments and the modes of treatment taken, should be told to the doctor. Homeopathy believes that suppression of diseases leads to incurable disease.
(13) It is a misconception (wrong belief) that Homeopathy worsens your disease, infect if a suppression caused discomfort or disease and a right Homeopathic medication surfaces it, this does not mean that the patient is worst instead feels relieved and the patient’s inner strength and vitality gets a boost.
(14) The reactions and repercussions are a part and parcel of our body and life but not disease. Allergy is our body’s reaction, which should not be suppressed with medication.
(15) Anti -allergic, Anti- emetic, Anti- biotic, Anti- diarrheic, Vasodilators or any kind of hormone therapy always drains the energy of an individual, which means getting you closer to doom’s day (death) because it works against our live sustenance energy.
(16) Allergy, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Hypertension, Hemorrhage, Fever etc. these all prove our body’s immune system and when the causes are tapped and treated- all is normal once again, it should not be suppressed by taking any anti medicine, instead proper investigations and cause should be pursued. Misuse and consumption of any and every medicine should be avoided.
(17) It is true that a single pill (anti- therapy) brings you immediate relief, but just think of the alien, unknown substance that has been consumed and if not expelled by the body- the level of harm this poison can cause in your body and mind.

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