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1. Does Homeopathy treat only chronic diseases, not the acute and emergencies?

Ans.- Acute, emergencies and chronic diseases as well can be treated through Homeopathy

2. Is it true that Homeopathic medicines act slowly?

Ans.- No, this is only a myth. Homeopathic medicines start action within 5- 10 minutes. However, chronic and suppressed diseases may take time to get cured permanently.

3. Does Homeopathy can be effective in curing so called ‘incurable diseases’?

Ans. – Homeopathy is not a disease oriented but patient oriented system i.e. it treats the constitution of a patient. Therefore, in the context of Homeopathy patient’s constitution is important but not the names of diseases.
We treat a patient with holistic approach, as result of that all diseases leave his/her body automatically. In conclusion, no disease is termed as ‘incurable’ in Homeopathic system of treatment.

4. Is it true that Homeopathic medicines first intensify the disease then curing it?
Ans. – No, it is not true. Actually aggravation after taking Homeopathic medicine occurs only in those cases where the patient has taken suppressive or palliative treatments. In such a case, taking correct Homeopathic treatment will first bring the disease to surface and then cure it entirely.

5. Can I take treatment from DPHC, irrespective of my location in the world?
Ans.- Yes, DPHC provides you treatment at your doorstep.You can consult and get medicine from DPHC any where in the world.

6. Are the Homeopathic medicines safe?

Ans.- Yes, Homeopathic medicines are quite safe; generally there is no adverse effect of Homeopathic medicines over human body.

7. Is it safe to take Homeopathic medicines along with the other conventional medicines for diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension?

Ans. – Yes, in most of the cases above mentioned medicines do not interfere, however it varies with type of disease therefore it is advisable to consult with Homeopathic physician.

8. What are the precautions required to be followed while taking the Homeopathic treatment?

Ans. – Though no specific precautions are required while taking Homeopathic treatment. Your Homeopathic physician will tell you, as may be the case.

9. How can I consult with DPHC being at my home?

Ans.- You can consult with DPHC even being at your place wherever you are anywhere in the world through Video– Conferencing and/or telephone, after taking an appointment.

10. How do I get a consultation/treatment urgently from DPHC at my home (anywhere in the world) for acute problems such as – Cough, Coryza, Fever, Headache, Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting, Abdominal colic etc.?

Ans. By taking an urgent appointment.

11. How do I get an appointment with DPHC?

Ans. Over telephone (+91 9314505653), or through email (???).

12. How do I send my medical reports to DPHC?

Ans. – By email, through courier/post

13. How do I pay consultation charges to DPHC?

Ans. – Through Demand Draft/ Internet Banking/Western Union Money Transfer or in cash

14. Does DPHC provide family-physician facility?

Ans. – Yes, for which you need to contact DPHC.