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CASE 1: Undescended Testes with Hydrocele

“My 3 years old son was suffering from pain in the pelvic region and scrotum, and was also having swelling in the scrotum.He was not able to explain his complaints in the early age (1-2yrs of age) and was not aware of it too.As he grew he started complaining of pain and swelling. So we (I and my wife) consulted our family physician, he referred us for consulting to a pediatrician (child specialist).We went to a well-recognized pediatrician
who was sitting in a famous and big hospital of the city. He told us that child is suffering from two diseases, which might be congenital, namely (1) Undescended Testes and (2) Hydrocele.We were very worried as doctor told us that both the diseases could be treated surgically only; medicine cannot help our child. After knowing this we ran to several other doctors and big hospitals however all of them were of the same opinion, thus it could not help us. This made us very depressed because we were not ready for getting operation of our child. Almost a year passed by. One day one of our relatives visited us and suggested us to consult with Dr. Anand Ratna Pandey of Dr. Pandey’s Homeopathy center (DPHC), a famous and well-recognized Homoeopath. Dr. Pandey treated that relative for a big tumor in the neck successfully. He was also advised undergoing surgery by other doctors. This gave us some relief that surgical diseases can be treated by Homoeopathic medicines. After taking an appointment we visited Dr. Pandey’s Homeopathy center. While sitting inside the waiting room we interacted with
other patients suffering from complicated disease and found that they were getting very good results. This made us more confident. Dr. Pandey recommended some investigations and started treatment and one month of treatment cured our child for his Hydrocele. This gave us a great confidence,after two more months we were stunned and happy as the medical reports confirmed that our child’s Testes were placed inside the scrotum over the normal place. Prior to start of the treatment Testes were not in the scrotum since these were not descended from the abdomen in to the scrotum during foetal life as happens with the cases of Undescended Testes. With the treatment given by Dr. Pandey our child got rid of two Congenital and Surgical diseases. We are grateful to Dr. Pandey.”
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CASE–2: Hernia
“I am 31 years old housewife, had two sezerian deliveries and later on started feeling bulging in lower abdomen. Three years back I consulted a doctor and was told that I was having Hernia that was increasing in size. Surgery was the only treatment advised to cure the same.
I had another problem: coughing and no treatment proved effective in checking that. While coughing I had acute pain in Hernia. Doctors advised me for operation to remove Hernia as it was increasing in size and pain too.However I was not ready for third operation an thought that in case of cough get
cured the Hernia will not be so painful. With this hope, I took treatment for cough from many doctors however did not get relief. This made me worried since neither cough nor Hernia was getting better.
One day, incidentally one of my neighbors suggested me to consult a Homoeopathic physician named Dr. Anand Ratna Pandey of Dr. Pandey’s Homeopathy center (DPHC). I consulted Dr. Pandey for cough. He took all the history of my disease and gave me some medicines and claimed that Hernia can also be cured through Homoeopathic medicines. However, honestly I did not trust him hence interested in treatment of cough only. To my surprise, the very first day I got 50% relief in the cough. After a week I was nearly cured for my cough and in the next visit to his clinic I enquired with Dr. Pandey about treatment of my Hernia. Dr. Pandey explained to me the concept of the Homeopathic treatment and claimed that Hernia too is curable, however he did not guaranteed anything. The treatment began and the pain was reduced substantially within few days. This development raised my confidence level and I followed all the instructions and treatment given by Dr. Pandey. With passing of time Hernial bulging was getting reduced in size and I was completely cured within a couple of months. There was no bulging or Hernia observed in my abdomen. It was an extremely pleasing moment in my life that cannot be explained this in words. Now, I am a firm believer in Homoeopathy and Dr. Pandey: both of them together can make unbelievable things a reality. In my opinion successful treatment of Hernia with medicines is a miracle done by Homoeopathic medicines.”

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CASE – 3: Vision Improvement (Eye Sight)
“I am a housewife, have two kids: a son and a daughter. Both of them have been healthy and smart. However, few years back my daughter Charu (7 years old) complained of weak eyesight faced difficulty while viewing object at distance such as blackboard in classroom. I consulted an eye specialist and myopia was diagnosed. She had to wear glasses, though we were not happy seeing the kid using specs.Later, one of our relatives visited our home and she was shocked seeing Charu wearing specs. On her advise, I consulted Dr. Anand Ratna Pandey of Dr. Pandey’s Homeopathy Center (DPHC).
Treatment started and three months of regular treatment restored my daughter’s vision to normal. Now Charu does not use glasses any more. It was an eye-opening experience to the family. This could happen because of Dr. Pandey’s treatment. We are grateful to him.”

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CASE – 4: Varicocele
I being a govt. officer have to have long sittings in chair. Nearly four years back my scrotum started paining. Initially, I did not care much but gradually intensity of pain increased and my scrotum got swollen and spread over the lower abdomen within few days. I tried painkillers and antibiotics as advised given by physician. I being a govt. officer have to have long sittings in chair. Nearly four years back my scrotum started paining. Initially, I did not care much but gradually intensityof pain increased and my scrotum got swollen and spread over the lower abdomen within few days.I tried painkillers and
antibiotics as advised given by physician. It relieved me for time being however pain and swelling reappeared after sometime. I consulted an urologist, got examined thoroughly and advised that there was infection inside my scrotum. Treatment started but the relief was temporary. A few days later, I was bed ridden, restless, sleepless and depressed as pain gone unbearable. I tried some other doctors but nothing could help me. I visited Mumbai to consult a senior and famous doctor. The doctor carried out some investigations and concluded that I was suffering with VARICOCELE which was likely to intensify with time. According to him, surgery was the only treatment for which I was not prepared. I requested the doctor to prescribe the best possible treatment he could for time being and came back to Jaipur.
While I was preparing myself for the surgery, in the meanwhile, one colleague of mine suggested me to try Homoeopathic treatment. He advised me to meet with Dr. Anand Ratna Pandey of Dr. Pandey’s Homeopathy Center (DPHC), which I did without loosing time, and narrated the entire story. Dr. Pandey asked me several questions and many of them were not at all related to the problem I was facing. After the session, he advised me not to go for surgery and started the treatment.
The treatment started and I was surprised to notice that the pain was reduced substantially within few days. A few more days passed and swelling was reduced too. This boosted my confidence in Homoeopathic treatment and I continued following Dr. Pandey’s prescription. Regular treatment of couple of months completely cured me of Varicocele and some other troubles as well. Indeed, I was saved of a major surgery for which I thank to Homoeopathy and Dr. Pandey. Since then, it has been 4 years and I live healthy life without taking any medicine.

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CASE-5: Chronic Eczema
I am 62 years old woman having complaint of Eczema ever since my childhood. It was itching and discharging pale watery, bloody discharge. Over the span of life I consulted several doctors. Often, relief was observed during the treatment however the problem repeated as soon treatment was stopped. So I got used to having Eczema for many years, through no type of treatment could cure me e.g.Allopathic, Homoeopathic, Ayurvedic. For me Eczema became incurable as no treatment could cure gave me permanent relief.
  Still, the suffering compelled me to explore for an intelligent doctor. I heard about Dr. Anand Ratna Pandey a Homoeopathic physician of Dr. Pandey’s Homeopathy Center. After taking an appointment I visited his clinic and explained to him the long case history. He listened to me carefully and assured me of cure irrespective of the distress being in effect for more than 40 years. On his advised I stopped all medicines I used to take and started taking his homeopathic medication. After two-three days I realized that itching was reduced significantly and discharge was also decreased a bit. The treatment was continued for couples of months and I got only better with time. At one stage Dr. Pandey stopped the treatment and my problem did not reoccur since then. For the first time in my life I felt completely cured. It has been more than four years since the treatment was stopped yet I have not faced the problem anymore. This was made possible by Dr. Pandey’s Homeopathic treatment.

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CASE –6: Case Of Threatened Abortions
My husband is a businessman and I take care of home. Even after spending 9 years of married life I could not become a mother. I always felt incomplete since there was no child in the family.Though I got pregnant within couples of months of my marriage but God did not accept this. After two months of pregnancy I started bleeding. Doctor told us that foetus has been aborted. Though we were disappointed however we accepted our destiny.After some time I got pregnant again.This time we consulted a renowned doctor and followed the precautions advised. However,the same thing happened
  after one and half months, I again bleeded and aborted. Now I was worried and disgusted. We visited several doctors to get the cause diagnosed. Several investigations were carried out and varied opinions were emerged. Every renowned specialist doctor was consulted however I could not rescued. By the time I had six miscarriages and was in severe depression. I had lost the hope and realized that would not be able to become mother. While being alone I used to cry. Several years passed on. Apart from medicines we tried several other things but nothing had changed.
This time around I got pregnant again and one relative of mine suggested consulting Dr. Anand Ratna Pandey of Dr. Pandey’s Homeopathy Center (DPHC). Having tested all kinds of treatments, this time we decided to take Homoeopathic treatment from Dr. Anand Ratna Pandey. The relative managed an appointment with Dr. Pandey and we visited his clinic though I was not having high hopes. Dr. Pandey got some investigations done reported that I was suffering from a disease called TO.R.C.H. After taking detailed case history and examining the reports Dr. Pandey started the treatment. With passage of time I was getting worried and excited both. With passing of the third month I gained some confidence. We continued visiting Dr. Pandey’s Homeopathy center (DPHC). At completion of fourth months of pregnancy Dr. Pandey asked for repeating the TO.R.C.H. Test. The report turned negative this time! This development dispelled all the doubts and suspicion I had about capabilities of Homoeopathy. I started praying to God. During the period of pregnancy though I faced several complicacies but Dr. Pandey tackled them successfully. Nine months were completed a healthy baby was born. My dreams came true. Thanks to Homoeopathy and Dr. Pandey.
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CASE – 7: Hypertension
I am a bank employee. Till few years back I was living a very stressful life due to some official responsibilities. This caused me having High Blood Pressure, restlessness, sleeplessness and irritation.I consulted a cardiologist; he examined me and advised to take some precautions and prescribed medicines. I improved however the problem still persisted.I consulted the doctor again; he changed in medicines and asked me to change lifestyle (work style), which was not possible to do. The problem continued.I consulted other doctor and met with another cardiologist.However, I could notrecover entirely.
This caused made me concern. I visited one Homoeopath however he was of the opinion that Homoeopathy cannot be helpful in treating hypertension. In the mean time I came in contact with Dr. Anand Ratna Pandey of Dr. Pandey’s Homeopathy Center (DPHC) in connection of my child’s treatment. I consulted Dr. Pandey about my problem. I started the treatment of Dr. Pandey some improvement was noticed the same day. I had a sound sleep, and realized lesser anxiety. The treatment continued and after few months of regular treatment my B.P. was under control. Other troubles like sleeplessness, anxiety, irritability etc. had also gone entirely.
Dr. Pandey stopped the medicines gradually as I was recovered from hypertension entirely. Since than, more than three years have passed and I am living healthy life without taking any medicine.

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CASE-8: Vitiligo / Leukoderma
I am a working lady, teaching in a school. One day I observed a small white spot over my chest but however I did not care. Over the period, the spot got spread and another white spot appeared close to that. Both the spots further spread and merged to form a bigger spot. I consulted a skin specialist and the disease was diagnosed as Vitiligo. Treatment started and I was cured for time being. However, as soon the treatment stopped spots reappeared and affected larger area. A colleague of mine advised taking Homoeopathic treatment from Dr. Anand Ratna Pandey of Dr. Pandey’s Homeopathy Center (DPHC) hence I consulted him. Dr. Pandey noted the case history and gave medicines with instructions not to apply any ointments etc. I followed all the instructions and took the medicine as advised. Continued treatment removed all the spots and I never faced the same problem again during last four years.

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CASE-9: Cervical Spondylosis
I am 62 years old house lady. Last year I had severe pain in my neck which was spread over both shoulders. An X-ray diagnosed that I was suffering Cervical Spondylosis. I had undergone treatment which included painkiller and anti-inflammatory drugs.However, the relief was temporary. Pain reappeared as soon the action of medicine exhausted. Intensity of pain aggravated with passes of time, my head became still and I was unable to move my head properly.I had to keep my head and neck straight and still due to pain. One day a family friend asked me to consult Dr. Anand Ratna Pandey of
Dr. Pandey’s Homeopathy Center (DPHC). I did so and Dr. Pandey asked me to put few drops of Homoeopathic medicine over my tongue at his center and asked me to wait for ten minutes in his waiting room. To my surprise the pain was reduced substantially within ten minutes. I was able to move my head a bit. Dr. Pandey prescribed me further medicine for a week that reduced the pain nearly 50%. It took me continuation of treatment for couple of moths to get cured completely. Thereafter, four years have passed I never felt pain in my neck

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CASE-10: Psoriasis
I am an automobile mechanic. Couples of years back I had a skin problem: there was dryness over my whole body and itching with redness. On scratching white scales pealed off. The problem aggravated over time. I met a skin specialist and it was diagnosed as Psoriasis. I was told that the disease could not be cured entirely however can be controlled; and would remain for the rest of the life which made me scared. I went door-to-door and consulted several doctors however did not find the solution. Then I consulted Dr. Anand Ratna Pandey of Dr. Pandey’s Homeopathy Center (DPHC), as he is a well-known Homeopath in Jaipur. The manner in which Dr. Pandey took notes of the entire case history was impressive which any doctor never took previously. This raised some confidence in me because this type of treatment was never given to me like Dr. Pandey gave. So I started taking the Homoeopathic medicines given by him. This was the first time after taking Dr. Pandey’s Homoeopathic medicine when I felt that my disease means Psoriasis is also curable because his treatment was so well responding me. After regular Homoeopathic treatment for some more months given by Dr. Pandey, I was absolutely free from Psoriasis after suffering for a long and difficult period. Now even after two years of stopping the treatment I do not have any problem over the skin that means I think I have been cured of the Psoriasis that was previously declared as incurable. All of this could be possible by Dr. Pandey’s Homoeopathy Center (DPHC).

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CASE-11: Parthenium Dermatitis (congress grass allergy)
I am 47 years old housewife. Nearly 10 years ago we shifted in our new house situated in Jaipur. Just after shifting to new house I face severe and intolerable itching with eruptions in my entire body. I consulted various doctors and took anti-allergic treatment. However, the relief was for time being. A skin specialist diagnosed that I was suffering with a disease named as Parthenium Dermatitis (congress grass allergy). His treatment though provided some relief however the disease appeared again after some time. By now, my whole body especially my face had become dark, rough and ugly. That shaken up my confidence, made me depressed and frustrated. I lost the hope of getting cured.
During the same time my husband had a Fistula near the anus and he was asked by doctors to get an operation at the earliest. As my husband was not willing to undertake surgery, he consulted Dr. Anand Ratna Pandey of Dr. Pandey’s Homeopathy Center (DPHC).The treatment stared and to my surprise he was recovered from the Fistula within a week. That inspired me to take a chance with Dr. Pandey’s Homoeopathic treatment for the disease (Parhtenium Dermatitis) I was suffering. I consulted Dr. Pandey and started his treatment. My situation improved within few days, which was a miracle to me. I continue the treatment and was cured entirely within couple of months, which was appearing incurable to other doctors. Though the treatment lasted for a long period, it was successful. This has changed my life entirely and my opinion about Homoeopathy as well. Now I realize Dr. Pandey’s Homoeopathy Center (DPHC) can cure any disease.

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CASE-12: Depression
I am 44 years old businessman lives in Kota city of Rajasthan, India. Almost twenty years ago I had a girlfriend. We loved each other very much and wanted to marry. But unfortunately she had to marry with other boy might be due to some circumstances, which I did not know. It did hurt me, got into depression and started having alcohol in too much quantity on a daily basis. I kept myself lonely, quite, sad, sleepless and I lost interest in almost anything in life. Life was a burden for me and I though of committing suicide. In all, I was passing through sever Depression and habitual of alcohol which I though will be helpful in escape the depression.
My parents consulted many Psychologists, and I was given antidepressants and sleeping pills which were of no use. Though I was taking several sleeping pills every day however, not able to sleep properly. With this sever Depression and other habits I spent 20 years, though several doctors were consulted however no improvement was observed. My social life was nearly finished, was in severe economic crisis and suffering physically and mentally. Attempting to get out of the depression, I was effectively in effect of alcohol and sleeping pills round the clock.In year 2003-04 I consulted Dr. Anand Ratna Pandey, a Homoeopathic physician practicing based in Jaipur at Dr. Pandey’s Homeopathy Center (DPHC). Though I consulted him however, in view of my past experiences, was not having high hope. In fact I was not interested to meet with Dr. Pandey but my family members compelled me to do so. Dr. Pandey assured me that my depression and habits of taking alcohol and sleeping pills can be cured through Homoeopathic treatment. After a marathon counseling session the treatment started. And to my surprise, which was unbelievable, I got a peaceful sleep on the very same day! Within 15 to 20 days of treatment I gave up the habit of taking sleeping pills and after a month I developed an aversion to alcohol which was looking impossible to me for last twenty years. Four to five months of regular Homoeopathic treatment did miracle to me as I was completely cured of depression. Now even after 3 years since the treatment was stopped, I am living a healthy life doing business normally and having no complain of depression. I am grateful to Dr. Pandey for what he and Homeopathy did for me.

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CASE-13: Chronic Acne / Pimples
My name is Shimon pursuing graduation in computer science. Couple of years back I had a discharge of pus and itching eruptions on my face, back, and chest. My face became dull-looking and eruptions and itching were tormenting. I consulted a Dermatologist and I realize improvement till the time the treatment was continued. However, the problem reverted back as soon the treatment was stopped.This time eruptions were more dense, intense and painful. I consulted another Dermatologist and prescribed some medicines and lotion for external applications. Eruptions disappeared this time as well however reappeared
more badly after sometime. By now I was tired of taking treatments, which were of little help to me. My sister suggested me to consult a Homoeopath- Dr. Anand Ratna Pandey of Dr. Pandey’s Homeopathy Center (DPHC). In past, she took Dr. Pandey’s treatment for some health problems she had faces and successfully cure. I visited DPHC and met with Dr. Pandey, and after taking complete case history he started treatment. Initially my eruptions grown up like never before which made me worried and anxious. I explained this to Dr. Pandey, he explained that it was the effect of Homoeopathic medicine: the eruptions suppressed by earlier treatment were getting surfaced, which was necessary for complete cure. Dr. Pandey assured me of getting cured permanently soon. After regular treatment for some time I was surprised to see that eruptions were disappeared from my body completely. Not a single eruption was there over my body and I was normal! My complexion was also restored. Three years have passed and I did not face that problem again ever since. Moreover, I receive compliments for my fair skin. Certainly these compliments should be credited to Dr. Pandey’s Homoeopathy Center(DPHC).

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CASE-14: Mastoiditis / Otitis Media
“My name is Anita, 32 years old house-lady. I had a problem of having purulent and offensive discharge from left ear since last 10 years, with occasional discharge from right ear. Three years ago, I had acute pain with purulent discharge that turned intolerable. I consulted with an E.N.T. specialist immediately. He recommended for some pathological investigation to be done at the earliest and gave me pain-relieving medicines.All investigations were carried out and the doctor declared that I was suffering from Mastoiditis and Otitis Media in the left ear and needed an operation urgently.On being enquired about possibility of
treatment through medicines the doctor expressed helplessness in treating Mastoiditid and Otitis Media through medicine. I was scared of the operation and could not sleep for the night. Next day I visited another E.N.T. specialist however unfortunately got a similar response. In fact, I consulted several E.N.T. specialists and all of them expressed similar opinions.
Nothing was going in my favor and I started preparing myself for the surgery. A date was fixed for my operation in a big hospital to be done by a famous E.N.T. surgeon. In the evening before the operation day one of our relatives suggested consulting with Dr. Anand Ratna Pandey of Dr. Pandey’s Homeopathy Center (DPHC). With a view of trying my luck another time, I took an urgent appointment and visited Dr. Pandey’s Homeopathy Center. I explained to him the case history and showed him the reports of investigations. After careful observations of the reports Dr. Pandey asked me to postpone the operation date for a while and to take Homoeopathic treatment. I wanted to avoid my operation at any cost - the treatment was started. The results were unbelievable. The pain and discharge from my left year was reduced by nearly 50% within days!! I continued the treatment and after 5 months of regular treatment neither I had pain nor any discharge from my ears.
Now after 3 years, I follow the precautions as suggested by Dr. Pandey and have no trouble in any of the ears. Indeed, Dr. Pandey escaped me from an inevitable operation I will always remember Dr. Pandey for this great work.”

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